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Design support for changemakers

Responsability matters!

Your focus is on creating changes that contribute to a fairer, more sustainable society on this finite planet. Mine is to support you and your brand in doing that.

Why work with me

Shared values bring coherent collaboration

If you’re here, it’s because we share at least some core values. How does this help design?

It allows for clear, taboo-free conversations around branding and smoother communication. I can bring my experience in working with a range of other businesses to the table, while always adjusting it to the unique context of YOUR business.

A sustainable work relationship for sustainable businesses

It can take a while to find a designer who’s the perfect match for you and your brand. I can’t promise we’ll click, but if we do then mine is a long-term commitment to our collaboration.

No more on-boarding and off-boarding at each project. Cultivating lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with my clients is also a form of sustainability.

More than
‘just’ design

While your primary need may be centred around design, a design project usually fits into the bigger picture of your business development.

That’s why I also offer a complete range of related services, all within your fixed monthly package price.

These include art direction, project management within design projects, access to my network of professionals, and mentorship for in-house junior designers. See here what I can support you with.

What i can help you with:

Everyday tasks

  • Online marketing visuals
  • Image editing
  • Flyers and other print materials
  • Online shop/website content maintenance
  • Content management
  • B2B materials

Design projects

  • New branding from scratch
  • Visual identity overhaul
  • Product launch campaigns
  • Design for events & trade shows
  • Packaging design
  • Sustainability report design
  • Web design

Expertise and mentorship

  • Art direction
  • Project management
  • A professional pair of eyes and ears for new ideas
  • Mentorship for junior designers
  • Access to my network of professionals, including photographers, videographers, illustrators, copywriters and website programmers

How I work

let’s meet

You’ll start with a discovery call of up to 60 minutes with me free of charge. We’ll discuss your business, your project and expectations. We’ll also look at how we can best work together, if our values match, and if my business model matches your needs.

your support

With guidance from our initial exchange, you decide on the level of support you need: 15, 30 or 45 hours per month. I send you a 6-month contract to start with, and after this time we can review and adjust the number of hours if needed and according to my availability.

it to your needs

Whether you need regular, fresh visuals for your marketing, senior design support and mentoring for your growing team, or a complete design rebrand, we’ll clarify your needs together and meet them with a tailored monthly schedule and regular feedback calls.

the benefits

Many businesses are used to working with freelancers on a project basis, so a retainer model might be new to you. It allows you to control your budget, have clear workload management, and have a wider scope for long-term collaboration on design, while keeping the flexibility to review the number of hours that you need, at regular intervals.

Package options

During our discovery call, we’ll figure out what kind of support is best for you, according to your needs, objectives and budget.

We’ll also discuss how to distribute the time across each month—a few hours a week, weekly ‘design days’, or regular work days at set dates every month.

Do you have questions about working together? Check out the FAQs.

Package S


The perfect pick if you need steady, frequent support for basic design tasks.

Package M


The best choice if you’re developing your business, looking to progress, and want to take a leap forward.

Package L


The ideal option if you’re ready for a more intensive push towards the next step in your business.

About me

My professional design journey began at university, where I completed my masters degree in communication design.

After 12 years of freelancing, running my own design studio with my partner, and working as an in-house designer, I embarked on a new path—founding a design business that is completely in line with my values.

As someone who has changed habits constantly over the years to minimise the negative impact I may have on my environment, it is evident that my business should do the same. This is why I choose to work with transparent businesses that are contributing to positive change for both society and planet. I am certified in sustainability management, which helps me better understand the needs of my clients and encourages me to integrate sustainable management into my own work, too.

I’m currently based in Frankfurt, Germany. I welcome working with clients both locally and online.

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